A couple days ago we were blessed with the opportunity to share the mission of SOS with a group of older ladies. They were so sweet and receptive. The questions they asked, the burden and compassion they felt towards enslaved girls, the anticipant faces of each one of them were just wonderful. The connections they made in thinking of their own children and grandchildren being in this kind of horrid situation was the kind of personal response we look for. 

We want peoples hearts to be broken like that of our Father. 
We want people to ACT in response to the message we have been given to share, this is a worldwide crisis and you can aid in ENDING SLAVERY.  
But most importantly, we want people to PRAY for the numerous women and children caught in sex trafficking. 

During that special time it reminded me that there is absolutely no one who can ignore this cause. There is no one too old or too young (on a sensitive scale). There is no one too lost or too holy. There is no one too poor or wealthy. There is no one too busy or lazy. Not one person can deny that using and abusing someone else’s body against their will, for the purpose of feeding your own sexual desires is ok. 

As we fight and pray on behalf of our sisters around the globe we remember the God we serve is greater than any evil in this world and that in the end He will reign forever.

Psalm 9:7-9

The LORD reigns forever; 
   he has established his throne for judgment.

He will judge the world in righteousness; 
   he will govern the peoples with justice.

The LORD is a refuge for the oppressed, 
   a stronghold in times of trouble.

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