Moni’s Prayer

A small roar emanates from the living room of a home in New Delhi, India. The source of the sound is deceptive. A handful of little girls sit are sitting in a circle on the floor.  Their prayers reverberate as they pray with passion and power. They pray for their mothers, their sisters, the “extended families” of the brothels they came from.

These girls live in the Home of Hope, a ministry of Project Rescue that is providing a safe, secure, loving environment to girls whose mothers are the victims of the vicious Indian sex trade. They have been sent to this refuge by their mothers to escape the horror of New Delhi’s red-light district.

Every day, these girls learn about Jesus and they talk to him with a powerful simplicity that moves the heart of God. Moni was the first girl to join the Home of Hope when it opened last February. Her mother had asked the Project Rescue team to take her from the brothel, and give her the hope of a new life.

Moni’s sister, Meenu, couldn’t join her that day, due to the brothel owner’s unwillingness to release her. The team took Moni, and prayed that God would open the door for Meenu to be released quickly. Every day, Moni begged God to set her sister free and bring her to the Home of Hope.  Every day, the girls and Project Rescue staff joined her plea.

One October morning, 9 little girls shrieked with joy as Meenu stepped through the door. God heard Moni’s prayers!  Now, Moni and Meenu pray together every day with 8 other little girls who have been rescued. They know that the same God who has set them free will do the same for thousands of other little girls. Moni and Meenu are the first fruits of a harvest that is to come.

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