Is SCARFING a word?

Over the past couple weeks we have been making SOS scarves as our Christmas fundraiser! They are so adorable and coincide with the mission of SOS. With each scarf purchased the following tag comes along with it providing a short explanation for what we are doing and why. We have had such a blast, even though our basement often looks like a sweat shop with all of the serving hands we are blessed with. If you have any interest in the possibility of a scarf purchase, please email us and we’ll see what we can do. MERRY CHRISTMAS from the SOS girls! 

Mending Broken Pieces. Restoring Precious Lives.

Saving our Sisters.


Save our Sisters is a non-profit, all glory to God, ministry founded firmly on the Gospel of Jesus Christ. God has given us a massive burden for the sexually enslaved and exploited girls around the globe. Our hearts were broken when we heard the facts about human trafficking and the LORD has moved us to take action. From this passion, God has led us to educate and advocate through SOS- Save Our Sisters.


The scarf that you are about to wear is not just a scarf. Your scarf represents hope, joy, and freedom that will be brought to a previously exploited girl. God has shown us that He makes all things new, not all new things. Just like your scarf was formally a torn apart sweater that has been recreated into something beautiful, Christ will mend these girls’ lives into a new creation. Through Christ, each rescued girl will be able to see that she is precious and unique, as different as every fabric used to create the scarves. With you generous donation to Save Our Sisters, a broken life will be piece back together. Thank you for your support and for joining us in saving our sisters.


Donation of $30.00 or more made payable to “Save Our Sisters”


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