Flying the Coop

During the month of May, I experienced one of my favorite things about Spring. Their name is simple yet sweet: Blue birds! The first sign of the blue birds came when I saw two birdies swooping in and out of our bluebird box- one with the brilliant colors of a “daddy” bird, another with the muted colors of a “mama” bird. My excitement spread as they gradually crafted a nest and laid five, tiny blue bird eggs. Within a few weeks, each egg hatched and delivered a squeaking, baby bird. They greeted me with beaks open wide every time I glanced into the tiny blue bird abode. Eventually, I stopped peaking in on them since I couldn’t risk the chance of them jumping out before it was time for them to fly. By the time June rolled around, each bird had safely “flown the coop.”


 Recently,God used the lives of the blue birds to uniquely demonstrate His Word through SOS.


One of our SOS team members, Claire, will be moving to Arkansas in the fall. Her family has decided to bravely step out in faith by joining a wonderful Christian organization called “Family Life.” We are so excited about her opportunity to use her life ministering to others, yet each of us are going to miss her so much.


At a recent meeting SOS, God used the story of the blue birds to help me understand more of His purpose behind Claire’s move. He reminded me that even though it stinks to have a close friend move away, He has an incredible purpose for her transition. It seems as though Claire is the first one to “fly the coop”, yet I am sure that God is going to be able to use her in so many ways in AK. The LORD showed me that like the bluebirds, we eventually have to spread our wings and fly- even when it’s a little scary. He confirmed this through the Scripture found in Isaiah 40:31: 


“…but those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint…”


Please join us in praying for Claire as she and her family make this transition. Pray for her to be continually strengthened as she prepares for AK. Pray for unity within our team. Pray that we may be able to work together efficiently over state lines. Pray for us to continually seek the LORD daily in our lives.


We’re so grateful for your prayers and support. We thank God for you!






 “My” baby bluebirds!                                                                                    We love you Clairesy!

*If you would like to receive updates on Claire’s family, please visit




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