Stella’s House

As many of you know, Morgan and I got the opportunity to go to Moldova. We visited a Home of Hope there and got to meet some of the girls who we have been praying for and loving for an entire year now! What a precious time that was! God allowed us to see them and hear about the issue of human trafficking in Moldova specifically. Our hearts have been burdened for this country. We have seen and heard of the evil there, BUT we have seen and heard of what God is doing and how He is moving and drawing this small country back to Himself. 

While we were there we heard a lot about the orphans and how that directly correlates with sex trafficking of Moldova. As you will hear in the video- at the age of 16, girls are given 400 lei, about $40 American dollars and a bus ticket to their home town… they are left to the streets and expected to make it. This happens every June, and the traffickers wait for vulnerable girls to kidnap. Stella’s Voice is a ministry focused on providing a safe home for orphaned girls who are left out on the streets. They work to PREVENT these girls from being in a position where they could get involved in the sex trade. 

Watch the video, learn more, and pray for the country of Moldova. 

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