The Intimate

"The young man who rings the bell at the brothel is unconsciously looking for God." 

How could this be?

Could this evil of injustice be of God?

The young man at the brothel, what is his search? A search for the deepest desires of the soul– FILLED. 

How can the pimp be closer to truth than the moral? Because he seeks after the desire of his heart– the God-given desire to experience and enjoy deep intimacy. Yet, he seeks in the wrong place.

The man searching for intimacy, for communion, for knowledge of another Person, he wanders. 

If the man has not found true intimacy in the marriage of Christ and His Bride, he seeks the answer, the stuffing of the heart's void, in anything he can find. The man is designed to crave intimacy, passionately. Yet, when found in the wrong place, outside the Kingdom of God, whether in drugs, alcohol, materialism, work, power or control [such as control of another's sexuality], the void remains empty, as if nothing had attempted to fill it. In addition, the individuals used trying to fill the void, end up with innocence stolen and hearts broken. 

Could the man at the brothel door be in search of GOD Himself? Unconsciously, as the man attempts to fill, to be filled, he fails. He searches for acceptance, for love. He feeds the need to experience something beyond this life, something glorious. Something like sex– intimacy in its truest form.  

He seeks God, intimacy masked as sex. 

A man's desire. A desire for God. For the Intimate. The only One who can satisfy the void. 

The victims of human trafficking are the abused women and children, but could it be that the man is a victim also? A victim of false hope, failed fullness? A victim of void intimacy– intimacy without love and sacrifice in not intimacy at all! In the search for fullness, the deep need for intimacy, the victim-man needs Christ, the Intimate One. 

Let us join in prayer for the captors of the innocent. Let us pray for the seeker, the searcher, the wanderer. A void filled with the One who fills. Intimacy Himself. 

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