Amidst all of our tea drinking and soup making and candle-lighting as we usher in the approaching season, the girls of SOS have found a new fundraising item! Necklaces! ….From 16:40 Designs… A new line of necklaces we have made, spurred from a personal necklace we purchased from the Freedom Home in Moldova during our visit. The story behind it: 16:40 Designs…

While we were in Moldova we learned a lot about the issue of sex trafficking in that country and the source behind it all. In most of eastern Europe, as well as other countries, children are kicked out of the orphanages where they have grown up the year they turn 16. Thus, the “16” in 16:40 Designs. These children, majority being female, are given the equivalent of 40 American dollars and a bus ticket to their hometown. They are expected to survive. These children have had no love, little to no education, and very few life skills. With only $40 what are they to do? Thus, the “40” in 16:40. All of the “adult” children, at age 16, are kicked out. This happens every June. The traffickers know about this. June is often referred to as the time when “the monsters come out.” They wait at bus stations all over Europe, ready to prey on helpless little girls who have no where to go. They make themselves look like the Heros, waiting for the girls to arrive, offering a job and a safe place to stay. But only after they have fallen prey do the girls realize the sickening nightmare that has begun. The heroes turn into monsters. So, through all of this knowledge, we have come up with a new necklace. A sign of Hope to these girls. The basic design is borrowed from a necklace we purchased from the girls at the Freedom Home in Moldova. A way for them to make a living, to support themselves. We have taken this design, multiplied it, and are now selling 16:40 necklaces as a fundraising item for SOS. Our goal is to one day build a physical home where girls can find refuge, a sanctuary if you will. A place of true safety and comfort spiritually found in the love of Christ. A place of preventative action, where girls like these can find Hope. A place of restoration, where wounded lives of trafficked victims can be healed. And also, a transition home, for those in need of real life skills, the ability to support themselves. We pray that you will share in this dream by purchasing a necklace for you or someone you love. A selection of necklaces will be posted to our Facebook page shortly. Check it out at www.Facebook.com/SaveOurSistersToday.com


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  1. SOS says:

    <html><body bgcolor="#FFFFFF"><div>Thank you! We are excited about the necklaces as a new fundraising item– you can find them on our Facebook page– just search <a href="http://SaveOurSistersToday.com">SaveOurSistersToday.com</a&gt; in Facebook. Hopefully we will get them up on this site as well– craft fair this weekend- new necklaces to come next week!&nbsp;<br><br>Sent from my iPad</div><div><br></div></body></html>

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