PASSION :: 2012~

 As many of you know, over the last couple days Louie Giglio and Chris Tomlin's Passion Conference has been taking place at the Georgia Dome. There were over 42,000 18-25 year old students gathered together for the sole purpose of lifting the name of Jesus. 

Louie Giglio has a huge vision for this generation and through things like Passion, gives specific opportunities to grow in our personal faith and confidence on the Gospel. With a huge emphasis on the power of each of us coming together, Passion always has MAJOR goals for the offerings they take up. Just because they're 'poor' college kids, doesn't mean God can't use us all! 

The focus for this year, Passion 2012, was SLAVERY. The goal: to raise ONE MILLION dollars to support 6 anti-slavery organizations across the globe. This morning was the closing session of the conference and Louie shared the incredible totals of the past couple days. 

Money will be given to the A21 Campaign ( to support a prevention program that will educate 48,000 Ukrainian women and girls about how to avoid the sex industry. 

Tiny Hands International ( will receive funding for 8 boarder control stops along the Nepal/India boarder to prevent trafficking, and 8 safe homes for rescued victims. 

The International Justice Mission ( can now conduct 38 rescue operations across the nations that will relieve numerous who have been held captive. 

25 children will know and experience true restoration and freedom through the Hagar International ( 

Atlanta apartments will be renovated and turned into refuge for those trafficking in and out of the city of Atlanta. 

The mayor of Atlanta received $100,000 to go into the Atlanta police force with a keen awareness and sensitivity to human trafficking in their town.

The Not For Sale Campaign ( will be conducting a vocational training seminar in Chennae, India as a step in PREVENTING trafficking. Not Foe Sale will also open the doors of a new safe home in Cape Town, South Africa for rescued victims.

Night Light ( will support the salary, training and care of 15 women in Bankok, Thailand.

The ministry As Our Own ( will purchase and renovate a building in India that will function as a Innovation Home where education, and prevention of trafficking will happen as they watch the women of the city thrive and grow in right relationships.

Monies sent to the country of Uganda to intercede and prosecute witch doctors who are trafficking children, and the body parts of young children.

Bombay Teen Challenge ( will open the doors to a new restorative safe home for rescued victims. 

Love 146 ( will rescue 18 children from the hand of slavery and will provide intense training to leaders who will then raise up 1,260 people against trafficking.

Word Made Flesh ( will welcome new survivors as they open doors of a new safe home in Delhi, India. 

A safe house will begin operation in the country of Haiti and will rescue and restore children from the streets. 

ALL THIS plus more– Christ will break the bonds of slavery and bring beauty from the ashes of captivity! 

The total number of monies raised from Passion 2012 is $3,066,607! OVER THREE MILLION DOLLARS that will be used to break chains in the name of Christ Jesus our Lord who reigns supreme forever! PRAISE GOD! Thee college kids their part– what will YOUR part be? 

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