SOS and the Super Bowl

The weekend for the big game has finally arrived! On Sunday afternoon, our nation will gather to watch the most anticipated sport’s event of the year. For most of us, this time is filled with dips, commercials, and fellowship- but for thousands of girls nationwide this weekend brings forth horror.


Shockingly, the Super Bowl is one of the largest sources of mass trafficking in our country. As a result of the large male population gathered at the game, the demand for girls heightens. At the Super Bowl in 2010, estimates of 10,000 women and children were trafficked the area for the sole purpose of sexual exploitation. As awareness of this travesty has grown, law enforcement has taken steps to crack down on this evil crime. However, perpetrators still use this event to strategically traffic children and women. This tragedy not only affects young girls, but also boys as well. We are not by any means saying that all men at the Super Bowl will participate in such activities.


Yet, we are aware that sexual slavery is reality; the fastest growing crime in our world today. Our country is not exempt from this statistic.


From a ministry standpoint, the Super Bowl is yet another reminder to PRAY on behalf of the captives. As believers in the body of Christ, such injustice should burden us and call our hearts to action.


May the words of O Church Arise stir your heart to prayer:


With shield of faith and belt of truth….
We’ll stand against the devil’s lies….
An army bold whose battle-cry is Love…
Reaching out to those in darkness


To join the SOS Super Bowl Prayer Force, visit our Facebook page~ SaveOurSistersToday.


“… I have raised you up for this very purpose that I might show you My power and that My name might be proclaimed in ALL the earth.” Exodus 9:16

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