What a Day!

Yesterday SOS had the opportunity to participate in the North Carolina Baptist State Evangelism Conference. I think our team has decided that if we could spend all our days like yesterday, we wouldn’t have a problem with it. Learning about the connections the North Carolina Baptist Convention has with the country of Moldova was exciting and listening to gifted speakers share about the need for a passionate approach to evangelism was inspiring! 

We were privileged to spend the day with Pastor and Teacher Doctor Alvin Reid and one of his student from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. He graciously told the story of SOS as part of his message about missional students. Students are called to MORE than what the world expects of us. 

Through Christ we are called to be ambassadors carrying His Gospel, priests who commune with God and children bearing His name. Jesus doesn’t promise it will be easy, but He does promise it is WORTH IT. Christ is FAITHFUL and our call is to be OBEDIENT. 

We must start working together under the common banner of Jesus Christ. We are His Church, His Bride, and we are called to be unified. 

Can we join together in the fight for freedom? The cause of justice and the call for righteousness? 

Join us today! We need your help to be an advocate for the 27 million slaves today– that’s more slaves than ever before in history. It’s happening NOW and YOU need to stand up and act! God has called us all in Christ. 

“The Spirit of the Sovereign LORD is on me, because the LORD has anointed me to preach GOOD NEWS to the poor, to BIND UP the BROKENHEARTED, to PROCLAIM FREEDOM for the CAPTIVES and release from DARKNESS for the PRISONERS, to bestow on them a crown of BEAUTY instead of ASHES.” Isaiah 61:1,3

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