BIRTHDAY PARTY~ celebrating 27million enslaved lives

Saturday was the day we’ve all been anticipating!

We are so pleased to share with you how God worked on Saturday! We were blessed with many volunteers ready to help with servants hearts! 

OUR GRAND TOTAL FOR THE DAY: God was faithfulin our efforts and brought us almost $5,000 to add to our HOME fund! If you didn’t make it to the party this weekend, IT’S NOT TOO LATE TO MAKE A DONATION! Visit our DONATION page to see how you can help! 

The FreedomFotos were so cute— if you haven’t alrady, go to our Facebook page ( and TAG YOUR SELF and make it your profile pic to bring much awareness to human trafficking through social media. 

Our collaborative hand print painting was a success! We are so excited to finish this project and have it ready to one day soon hang on the wall of the Freedom Home in Moldova. 

The silent auction was a fun was to bring in FUNds for the home! Thank you to all who participated! 
The rest was just FUN FUN FUN partying! Check out these snap shots of the glory-filled day! 

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