So, what have we been doing?

As the leaves change and Fall rolls in, refreshing change floats through the air. The time for all things pumpkin, tea, and cozy has arrived as summer officially draws to close. This change brings hope, excitement for the next season, and joy for what is to come.

In the same way, there has been much change for the land of the SOS Safe Home and the ministry of Save Our Sisters. Working alongside Dr. Alvin Reid from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, we have been working diligently to finish an eBook—a simple re-telling of our story and of His Faithfulness. Through months of churning out sentences, critiquing every detail, and seeking His guidance, we are excited to announce that we will be publishing “Save Our Sisters” within the next couple of months! We are hopeful for God’s purpose and plan to use our story to magnify Him through every story of grace.

Along with the eBook coming out soon, we are thrilled to host another fundraiser next month. SOS is hosting a Chili Fellowship & Art Auction on November 16th to raise funds for the water line put in THIS WEEK(!) in Moldova for the safe home. Dreams are becoming reality bit by bit, His grace abounding to teach us through each step of this journey. The Moldovans are working diligently to run the water to the land and electricity will be the next step, would you join us in praying for provision for those funds as well?

We anticipate the Fellowship to be a rich time together—full of advocacy, hot chocolate, singing around the bonfire, auctioning off Freedom focused items, praying for the captives, and raising funds for the water! Our goal is to raise $4,500.00 at this event. For more specifics on this event, please see the flyer on the event page.

SOSchiliflyer2013 color2

While you may not be able to be physically present at the Chili Fellowship, we encourage you to get involved in YOUR community. Maybe you would like to host a prayer gathering, car wash event, or chili cookoff at your home. Maybe you are creatively gifted and would like to donate a piece to auction off at the event? Please contact us ( with your information and we would absolutely love to partner with you!

Finally, be in prayer for this December as four members from our partner church in Moldova will be coming to give testimony and share about the project. They will be in the US for approximately 10 days, speaking and sharing testimony of God’s goodness. He is surely doing a new thing in Moldova. We trust that the Lord will iron out every detail of travel as they venture here. We praise God for the abolition that is rising up out of both America and Moldova. We believe he time for reviving change is today.

It is not those who merely acknowledge the darkness that bring change, but rather those who march directly into the darkness with their lives to bring life.” ~Jefferson Bethke

Water Line Progress on the Land:

SOS 2 fall blog.docx SOS fall blog.docx

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  1. Morgan’s enthusiasm and genuine passion for others has touched me. I enjoyed reconnecting with her and her family at the Little League farewell dinner. Ask her to email or FB me. Revo Church is very involved with human trafficking as well. I can only assume you guys are connected. I also wish to make a contribution to SOS.

    1. Save Our Sisters says:

      Hi Mr. David- Thanks for your comment! If you would like more info feel free to email us at

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