But the HOPE of Jesus

For the past two weeks, God has been doing a mighty work in the life and ministry of SOS. Four of our partners on the ground from Moldova have been here to share stories of hope, joy, and freedom. We are thankful for the time that we have had to speak about our passion and how God is furthering His kingdom through Moldova Mission. Some of these opportunities included luncheons, our home church’s Global Impact Conference, and a screening of the documentary Nefarious.

We were especially excited to spend time with Ana*, a woman previously trafficked from Moldova to Russia. She shared her testimony for the first time here after her dramatic rescue from trafficking seven years ago. Her story reflects that of 400,000 women that have been trafficked from this country is the last few decades. We were blown away to see her gain strength in sharing her story and by yesterday’s luncheon, she was sharing with complete confidence and grace. If you are interested in hearing the details of her story, please follow this link:http://www.c2athisweek.org/CMS/podcast/georgetaavictimofhumantrafficking

We were also blessed to travel to Moorhead city to speak with Parkview Baptist Church. They graciously dedicated their entire Sunday morning service to Moldova Mission. Two of our Moldovan team members shared their testimonies and SOS shared briefly of how God has interwoven these two ministries for His divine purpose. The congregation welcomed us graciously and we pray that they will continue in the fight against slavery.

Yesterday, we spoke at a luncheon courtesy of Stu Epperson. It astounds us how God works everything together, truly bringing his investment in our ministry full circle. Four years ago, when we began the ministry of SOS, Mr. Stu was the first person to allow us to share our hearts via his radio talk show. Our ages ranged from fourteen, thirteen, and twelve at the time, thus his investment was taking quite some faith in teenage girls. But he allowed us to share our hearts, despite our inexperience or young age. For us yesterday to share our hearts again was immensely encouraging. This time we had our four friends from Moldova, the Moldova Mission Leadership Board, and a full presentation of our project. Purely by the grace of God has he allowed us to continue in this work against trafficking.

God has shown us that He is always working, even when we cannot see the connections that He is forming. Like He says in Isaiah 61, “They will be called Oaks of Righteousness, a planting of the Lord, for the display of His Splendor…” Notice the LORD didn’t say flowers or grass, but rather strong, enduring oaks. Trees take a long to mature and flourish. They are growing even when you can’t see the progress because the roots must take hold. In the same way, God has established these “roots” in Moldova for us to join at such a time as this. Throughout this journey, we have learned that God is always good and that He is always, always, always ever faithful.


*Name changed for security purposes.

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  1. liviluv2000 says:

    Human trafficking/ Sex Slavery is the most evil thing I have heard about in this world. That is saying alot because this world is full of evil people doing evil things. Since I first heard about this I have wondered what I could do. I am financially unable to contribute to the cause at this time but I know there must be something I can do to make a difference. I don’t believe evil can be eradicated completely from this world until Jesus returns. However, if I can do any small thing to help even one girl/woman to escape this horrific life, I need to do it.

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