The Missing Girls of DC

You may have heard by now, the staggering news articles and video clips covering the Washington D. C. case of missing girls. Many theories connected the missing girls with trafficking rings and prostitution, however that was not the story of all 500.

Making its way to the news scene in early March of this year, accounts of over 500 children had been reported as missing since the start of 2017. 500 children missing from this bustling metropolitan city in less than three months— almost an impossible number to swallow.

Where did these children go? Why didn’t the city and police forces notice the sheer number of this problem before it reached 500?

So many questions rattled around in my head the first time I read this story. Anger. Confusion. Even some momentary disappointment in the police force. But the police efforts in D. C. have been incredible, and as of March 22, only 22 of the girls remained missing and their stories unknown. That is pretty remarkable!

However, with a story like this, I was even more disappointed with myself— my forgetfulness of the oppressed, the lost, the forgotten, the unloved. Why does it take a news story of 500 missing girls for me to remember that human trafficking is a very real, very present reality in America everyday.

Traffickers prey on the homeless, the vulnerable, the low-income, the runaways— they look for victims of opportunity who are searching for a home, for someone to see them and to love them. Why does it take such startling numbers to be reminded?

I think its the small-ness of my heart, and the weakness of my faith.

Will you join me in prayer—every Thursday from now on, let Thursday mornings be a reminder of the unloved, the lonely, the oppressed, the exploited, and the enslaved. PRAY, seek the face of God, the Almighty who is able and willing and desiring to rescue and love all people, drawing them back to Him. The weakness of my faith, forgetting and sometimes honestly not believing that the Lord can save, drive me to think small, love small, and only care about myself. Oh Lord, enlarge our hearts to be filled with more love from you, more love of you, more ability to love and care and seek out salvation for others. Enlarge out hearts and strengthen our faith we pray, that your justice might pour forth and your name be glorified. In Jesus name—


If you have not read about the Washington D. C. missing girls, you can find a couple articles here:

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