Germany – The Brothel of Europe

In Stuttgart, Germany, 1700 men lined up1 unashamedly waiting from morning until night on opening day to get into the new “Pussy Club,” a flat-rate brothel. The brothel management advertised by announcing that customers could have “sex with all women as long as you want, as often as you want and the way you want. Sex. Anal sex. Oral sex without a condom. Three-ways. Group sex. Gang bangs.”

All of it legal, of course, because in Germany prostitution has the government stamp of approval.

For 70 euros (about $78 dollars) a man can stay for 24 hours in the club and have sex with as many women as he wants in this type of “all you can eat body buffet.” By the end of the opening day many of the women had collapsed from exhaustion, pain, injuries, and infections, including painful rashes and fungal infections that had spread from their genitals down their legs.

Across the country, in the town of Cologne, sits a colossal 12 story, 27,000 square foot “mega brothel” called Pascha—the biggest brothel in Europe. Eerily, in a possible slight to orthodoxy, the Latin word“pascha” is the name by which Orthodox Christians know the yearly celebration of Jesus Christ’s resurrection. This gigantic flesh market houses over 120 girls in 126 rooms and on any given day has over 1000 male customers.

Over one million men are buying sex every day in Germany and during the last 15 years, since brothels were legalized in the country, profits have soared to $17 billion a year—three or four times its size before the law changed in 2002.

The sex industry’s profits are not only driven by local demand but also by the many tour operators specializing in sex tourism packages. Operating mainly out of Asia, Russia, and North America, they offer five to ten-day packages that include flights, hotels, and limousine service, and promise their clients a complete tour of all the most famous red light districts.

“Germany is Europe’s biggest brothel, I don’t think there’s any doubt about that, you just have to do the math to realise that’s the case,” commented the owner of one of the most highly rated German brothels. “We have about 60,000 people coming [to this club] every year, from Asia, America, and even from the Arab world…”

In Germany’s legal sex industry, pimps and traffickers can easily hide under the deceptive label of “sex entrepreneurs” and are running multi-million dollar enterprises through online virgin auctions, drive-in sex stalls, outdoor “sex boxes” called “Verrichtungsbox” (“getting things done” boxes)—where men line up during lunch breaks—mega brothels, and all you can eat flat-rate sex buffets. Even bestiality brothels have popped up in a country where anything goes when it comes to sex.

In fact, not long ago we received word about a young man in Germany who decided to stop purchasing sex after watching our documentary Nefarious at his school!

Not to mention the fact that France, a European country with a long history of legalized prostitution, recently adopted the Nordic model—making the purchase of sex illegal.

This quarter let us all join together to pray for Berlin, the seat of Germany’s parliament where critical decisions about the sex industry are made. Germany is a major leader in Europe and as Germany goes, so goes the entire European Union. Let us ask God for a miraculous turning of the tide, in which Germany not only adopts the Nordic Model of legislation (criminalizing the purchase of sex) but that Germany would also become a country that leads the rest of Europe to do the same.

Let’s also pray for the hearts and souls of the over one million men purchasing sex every day in the country—that they would be struck with the reality of what a horrific industry they are perpetuating, and the real lives that they are destroying with each purchase. Let’s pray that these men would repent and turn from their destructive ways to become the men they were destined to be.

And last but not least, let us pray for the total healing and restoration of the millions of women who have been caught up in Germany’s insidious sex industry.


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