2017 Dirty Dozen

The Dirty Dozen is a comprehensive list of the top 12 companies or incorporations that aid in the facilitation and promotion of accessible sex trafficking to the public. These companies are not the ones you might expect, but include things we often use on a regular basis. For example, this year Amazon made the list because of the lack of restrictions they have for merchandise. Basically, you can find anything you want to on their website, nothing is off limits or censored for mature material.

Making the 2017 list this year:

Amazon – No restrictions on merchandise

American Library Association – No internet filters

Amnesty International – Misunderstanding the criminal nature of trafficking

Backpage.com – Featuring ads for underage sex workers

NBC Comcast – No filters on films

Cosmopolitan – Normalizing hypersexualized content

EBSCO Host Online Library – No restrictions of public language and content

HBO – Full fledged pay-per-view pornography

Roku – No restrictions for streaming pornography

Snapchat and Snapcash – Transfer and transactions of child pornography

Twitter – Minimal restrictions of sexual content

Youtube – Minimal restrictions for rape and sexual video


You can directly email each of these companies here and ask for reform and change — it is our responsibility to say NO, make a stand and let these industries know that we will not stand for this type of public promotion. Email these companies, ask for a CHANGE and make a different with your voice.


Also, find the full article of the Dirty Dozen here.

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