MOLDOVA 2017 : Find Where God is Working…


Over the past month, SOS has experienced the glory of God firsthand in a number of ways. From our trip to Moldova to announcing our upcoming book, we are thankful and humbled by the work of the Spirit in our lives and the life of our ministry.

Henry Blackaby, in his book Experiencing God infamously stated, “Find where God is working and join Him there.” To sum up our ministry over the last seven years would be the tale of SOS joining God in His pre-existing work in Moldova. Our trip to Moldova in July felt like such an affirmation of the Lord’s clear call on our hearts on that summer night in 2010. We rejoice in the Lord’s hand over every single detail!

From July 14th-23rd, SOS team members Brianna, Maleah, McCall, and Morgan, along with Travis (Brianna’s husband) and Chapman (Morgan’s boyfriend), embarked on the trip to Cahul, Moldova. The beginning of our trip took a bit of a different turn than we had originally expected. Due to expansive delays, we missed our first flight, setting back our arrival to Moldova by 48 hours. The Lord graciously made a way for us to all eventually arrive in Moldova despite the frustrations of travel setbacks. This hurdle proved a formative time for the team as the travel groups were scrambled from their original groups, allowing for inter-team relationships to grow in ways that otherwise may not have developed. We also enjoyed an afternoon in Munich, which helped our jetlag and provided a most needed night of consistent sleep.

Once finally on the ground in Moldova, we jumped right in! The campers welcomed us with smiles, hugs, and fresh peaches as we found our small groups and began introductions. The kids were incredibly patient with us as we learned their names and a bit more about their families!

Shortly after, we began a time of worship. Chapman graciously led us in worship throughout the week, serving alongside David Dunas and the Moldovan worship team. What a joy to worship in both English and Romanian! It was a beautiful experience to watch the campers pour out their hearts in their mother language.

As the week progressed, the Lord continued to bless us with a wide range of sweet conversations within our small groups, endless friendship bracelet making, and a visit to the new camp! Each of us also had the opportunity to share our testimonies with the campers, which helped us to break down divides of cultural differences by sharing our struggles and embracing vulnerability.

It was truly a dream come true to visit the Hope Home which will be open in the next month. To see how the Lord has answered our prayers, dried our tears for the hurting, and is bringing beauty from ashes continues to astound me. We thank YOU for your journey with us in this process. We met the new host parents, Tatiana and Igor, who will live in the home with their two children to be family to those who have possibly never known the love of a family unit. What grace and glory of the Lord!


Throughout the rest of our time at camp, we witnessed a powerful movement of the Spirit as over twenty campers made a profession of faith in Jesus. Former campers now are leading the current students to faith in Christ, a most beautiful picture of godly discipleship and growth in community!

Over the next few weeks, we will continue to post blog updates with specific testimonies and stories of God’s work in Moldova. For now, thank you for reading this update and thank you for your continued prayers for SOS. We serve such an almighty Father! Join us in praising Him for all He has done!


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