One of my favorite moments of our time in Moldova was seeing God bring a teenage girl named Maricica to life in Christ.


During our week at camp, we had the pleasure of having Maricica in our Bible Study group. She is sixteen years old, from a village not far from Cahul. Watching the Lord transform her life was something we will treasure in our hearts forever. At the beginning of the week, she was quiet and reserved, and when she spoke there was evidence of orthodox influence in her answers. By Wednesday evening the weight and warring of sin within Maricica was apparent to all the leaders in our Bible Study group, and during our time on Thursday morning she asked many questions about how to be saved and how to do good works. We assured her that the Good Work was done by Christ on the cross for her, and all she needed to do was trust him to take her sin away. Thursday evening when the whole gospel was presented to the kids and our translator/pastor Val offered hope to anyone who wanted to stop hiding sin and pain and give their life to Chris. We watched as Maricica stood up, tears streaming down her face. I ran over to her after and said, “You are my sister now!” She was so happy and overwhelmed. Her whole demeanor changed, we prayed that night and began talking about the importance of the church and the Bible for new believers, like a baby needs family and milk. She glowed. Friday morning when I asked her how she was feeling she said, “I feel so good, I’m FREE. I’m so happy!” Watching God bring the dead to life—it will never lose it’s wonder. Our Lord is the Lord of Life everlasting.

One thing is sure — we cannot wait to go back! It is our hope and prayer to continue supporting Moldova Mission by investing each summer through the sports camps. It is a great encouragement to the members of the local church in Moldova to see the same smiling faces year after year. Pastor Anatol told us this week, “It is always such a blessing to hear all the Americans say ‘we love Moldova’ because maybe after we hear that enough, we will love Moldova too.” Moldova is not an easy place to live, and many in the church feel as though they are called by God to remain in Moldova, for the sake of the gospel.

The Moldova Mission camp is just two cabins away from being able to host summer camp there next summer! This will mean that with the help of church teams coming alongside the Moldovans, they would be able to have multiple weeks of camp proclaiming the gospel to hundreds of kids. If you desire to GIVE towards this project, or just to learn more about the work of Moldova Mission, visit the website at

Pray for Maricica: Pray that Maricica would quickly get involved with a gospel-preaching church in Moldova to help feed her new heart as a Christian. Pray for her understanding as she reads her Bible with new eyes. Pray for her family, that her Orthodox parents would be encouraging to Maricica’s new faith and receptive to the message of the gospel!

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