Moldova 2017 — “Fulfill Your Ministry”

On Friday in Moldova we got to go into the city and have lunch with our friend Nadia. We’ve shared Nadia’s story before, about her experience of being held captive, exploited, and trafficked in Russia for three years. She is a solid believer and heavily involved in the local church, Immanuel Baptist, in Cahul. What a joy it was to hear about what the Lord is doing in her life recently! Nadia is finishing her training for an organization that runs Transit homes for vulnerable children with no place to go. These homes function much in the same way the Moldova Mission Hope Houses will run, as a form of prevention, education, and flourishing. Nadia serves in a counseling role, and a fill-in house parent when the parents need time off. She is loving this opportunity to share the love, stability, and hope of the gospel with Moldovan children through her new job! Nadia also told us that over the last few months three different girls have contacted her, aware of her story, and asked her to help them in their healing process as they all have been trafficked for sex. These girls are 15, 17, and 18 years old. Nadia has been meeting with them regularly to talk, process, and offer to them the hope of healing that can only be found in the blood of Christ. She is also excited about how she will be involved as a loving friend and counselor to trafficking victims through the Moldova Mission camp.

Amidst all this, Nadia is also faithfully raising her four children in the Lord, and taking care of her aging father who lives with them. She is truly incredible, and her life is full of God’s grace and redemption. When I asked Nadia if it was hard for her to talk to other girls who have been trafficked she said she truly believes this is the ministry that God has given her, so she will fulfill it joyfully. Her obedience and fervent spirit are both humbling and challenging to us, to walk on in the courage of the Lord and to finish this race well.

Pray for Nadia: Ask the Lord to care for her needs, provide for food and education for her, her father, and her four children. Pray for sustaining joy, hope, and endurance that can only be found in the gospel. Pray for rest, and for faithful believers to encourage Nadia as she is constantly loving and pouring herself out as a living sacrifice for others (Romans 12:1).

*Due to Nadia’s sensitive past, please do not share her name or story on any kind of social media.

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