The Livelihood Program

The Story

As many of you know, I [Maleah] am currently living in the Philippines working with an organization called Wipe Every Tear. Wipe Every Tear works day in and day out to fight against the horrors of sex trafficking in the red light districts of the Philippines. Nearly 500,000 women in the Philippines are sexual exploited, with an estimated 100,000 of them being under the age of 18. We believe that God has the power to change the lives of these women and young girls, and create change in the trafficking industry in the Philippines! Wipe Every Tear works out of three safe homes where young survivors of trafficking receive an overwhelming sense of love and belonging for maybe the first time in their life. “With a holistic approach toward these women’s physical, emotional and spiritual health and healing, we commit to providing everything they need for the hope of a new future.” One of the main focuses of Wipe Every Tear is offering our girls a free education, in order to provide hope for a better future. Along side this, we work every day to offer a sense of empowerment to our girls by affirming their beauty and belonging through Jesus Christ.
One of the most prominent needs that we have been discovering in particular over the past two months that I’ve been here is the need for expansion in the Livelihood program. While the women in the program are going through school, many of them are still expected to support their families. While Wipe Every Tear offers support to the children of the women in our care, we cannot afford to support their extended families entirely. This has inhibited so many women from saying yes to coming into our care and has driven many of the hard working women in our care back to their work in the red lights. We are working so hard to come along side our women and do our absolute best to offer them a full solution. We see this need and we are currently working to develop business partnerships in the Philippines that will allow for more FREEDOM and the ability for our women to fill all their responsibilities while pursuing their dreams. We are teaching our women trades primarily involving art (painting, silkscreen printing, jewelry making, postcard making, and more). With the partnerships we make, Wipe Every Tear will be able to sell the work of our girls and the profit will go directly to the women.
God has given us mighty visions in regards to the Livelihood program, and this is just the beginning. We see God expanding it greatly over time, and using it as a catalyst of freedom and healing. Over the last two months, some of my favorite moments have been watching a girl’s face light up as she begins to feel a new sense of empowerment learning a form of art that she never thought she’d be able to do. I am so overwhelmingly excited to see the places God takes the Livelihood program and I am so grateful to be able to witness it first hand for the time.
If you would like to support the Livelihood program of Wipe Every Tear here in the Philippines, I’ve created this YouCaring for you to be able to do just that! God is putting mega-sized dreams in our heart and we are trusting that He will provide for them all the way. The funds that are collected here will go directly towards materials and supplies needed for these girls to continue training and production of their craft. We are at the very beginning stages of this, and every dollar counts!

Here is the link to contribute to this life-giving program:  DONATE
Much love and thank you so much for taking the time to read this!

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