The Hang Out of Siler City

Early this summer, Morgan and Brianna had the privilege of speaking to the Youth Hang Out of Siler City, educating this group of students and leaders about the atrocity of human trafficking, and the story of Save Our Sisters.

After watching the new movie Priceless, a story depicting trafficking and the narrow way of escape, “The Hang Out” was heartbroken and wanted to learn more, and know what they could do to fight against this raging industry. Morgan and Brianna were able to share, and encourage these new abolitionists to take action — because we all are responsible to seek justice, and we all have ministry to fulfill.


After we spoke, the Hang Out leaders informed us that they were already planning on holding a Car Wash fundraiser at the Advanced Auto Parts store that share’s their parking lot. It was a PERFECT idea, specific to their audience, access, and ability to start out. They were prepared with Save Our Sisters brochures and Action Cards, as well as willing spirits on a Saturday morning in September.


We just received the check in the mail from their final check in the mail this week and with a few hours on a Saturday, this awesome group of abolitionist’s raised over $500 dollars to go towards Moldova Mission! WHAT A BLESSING! This is so encouraging to us, and hopefully to you too — maybe this is the affirmation you need to host your own fundraising event! At the bottom of this page, you will find the downloadable PDF with guidelines for planning and raising money that changes lives. What are you waiting for?

The time for abolition is today.


Host your own event! Download this PDF to get started!

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