Educate Yourself

Because of the complexity and quite honestly the danger of being involved in an anti-trafficking organization, often answering the question of how people can help is the hardest thing we encounter.

First, we encourage you to find what God has given you a passion for— most likely, it’s not sex trafficking, and that’s okay! Our biggest piece of advice is to STRIVE after whatever the Lord has set on your heart. Do this first, by EDUCATING YOURSELF. Become an expert on whatever issue you are interested in and then share that information with anyone who will listen. Become an advocate for the voiceless who cannot speak for themselves.

In relation to sexual slavery, the best way to aid in eradicating this crime is to expose it. Educate yourself on the issue. By educating yourself you create responsibility and heightened awareness of the world around you. Second only to prayer—this is the most effective way to abolish slavery today. Talk about it, don’t hide it or hide from it. Then SHARE what you learn with others, so they are accountable to this new knowledge also. There is power in knowledge, and like the cliche, there is much ignorance in bliss—but not at the expense of thousands of lives being held captive. The issue of human trafficking is worth your attention. Let it be known, that we might shine light on the secret things.

Here are a few links to different organizations and resources:


Behind the Soiled Curtain by David and Beth Grant

Priceless by Tom Davis

Undaunted by Christine Caine

From Congress to the Brothel by Linda Smith

The White Umbrella by Mary Francis Bowley

Documentaries and Movies (to be viewed with caution):

Slumdog Millionaire

Trade of Innocents





Download this helpful PDF to guide you through planning and executing your own fundraising event!


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