Moldova Mission


Through the course of the Lord’s leading, summer of July 2011, Brianna and Morgan were able to travel to Cahul, Moldova. During their time in Moldova, they were blessed with the opportunity to visit a Freedom Home, a safe house for rescued victims of trafficking in the capital city of Chisinau. This home was one of 13 safe homes run by the missionaries of Project Rescue. From their first greetings with the girls in the home, they immediately felt the love of Christ exude from their sweet spirits. The time in the Freedom Home brought their hearts much joy, but also made them wonder, “What about the rest of the victims?”

Throughout our time in Cahul, we felt the increasing need for a safe home in this city because of the lack of safe shelter for victims. Located in southern Moldova, Cahul has a population hovering around 50,000. This small, seemingly unimportant town however, is not exempt from the horror of sexual slavery. Over 400,000 women have disappeared from the small country of Moldova over the last 20 years. This fact, along with other personal testimonies has confirmed our desire to mobilize godly change in Cahul.

The Safe Home and the Local Church

Since that trip, SOS has been pursuing this dream of building a safe home in Cahul, Moldova. To help us achieve this goal, SOS has partnered with an organization called Moldova Mission. Moldova Mission consists of a board of men passionate about this issue from America and Moldova. This organization has stemmed out of a local church partnership in Cahul, with Immanuel Baptist. Immanuel was planted by Christ Baptist Church of Raleigh, North Carolina. At the heart of our ministry is the importance of local church. From our own church, Calvary Baptist in Winston-Salem, to Christ Baptist in Raleigh, to Immanuel Baptist in Cahul. We know God called the church to be His hands and feet, and we love to see the globalization of partnering with different churches.

Morgan and McCall’s uncle, Phil Medlin, husband to Aunt Linda, serves as the Mission’s Pastor of Christ Baptist Church in Raleigh, NC. With these established relationships in place years before SOS was even formed, this is just one more example of God’s sovereignty over the details—He continues to humble us.  

In joining with Moldova Mission, God has shown us how this project is bigger than SOS. The vision for this project includes a camp to spread the gospel with the people, home for the girls out of sex trafficking, and an eventual orphanage. Over twenty-five acres of lush property will host the buildings used in this community restoration project. The summer camp will serve thousands of kids throughout the summer and as a retreat center all year round. Rescued girls from the SOS home will be able to work at the camp—providing a meaningful opportunity to gain income. Our prayer is that this place will serve as a haven of healing, hope, and flourishing. It is our joy to watch as God has sparked life into the hearts of this community as they fight against the economic and social enslavements of this struggling country.

The vision for the home is for the glory of Christ to be magnified. It is our desire to make this a safe home where the girls can be exposed to the love of Christ demonstrated day in and day out through all relationships and in everything we do. A home, not a three-month rehabilitation center. A place where healing can begin—physically, emotionally, psychologically and spiritually. We believe that if we have not shared with these girls the freedom that can be found in Christ, we have done nothing. True liberty and peace rests in Him alone. It is our prayer that through their experience in the home they can taste the unconditional love of a Christ-centered family where the Gospel is on constant display.

Among other things, the girls will be taught a trade. Often times girls rescued from the sex-trade find themselves simply returning to trafficking, due to their lack of education and jobs skills. By providing the girls an opportunity to learn a new occupation, we pray their lives may flourish. The property beautifully lends itself to agricultural vocational training. The lush and fertile land will be used to garden, grow walnut trees, and raise honey bees. The women of the home will be employed through these different avenues. 

In addition to the home, the land in Cahul will also be used as an orphanage and sports camp. Brianna, McCall and Morgan were given the opportunity to serve in such a camp during their visits to Moldova. Sports camps in Moldova serve as the main means of evangelism in lives of Moldovan teens. Sadly, these current camps limit the amount of camper opportunity. Hundreds of teens are turned away each summer due to lack of space. However, this new camp will allow plenty of space and serve students year round—a catalyst to share the Gospel with as many teens as possible.

Learn more about Moldova Mission and see the progress by going to their website!

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  1. spinknatalie says:

    I am so inspired by your vision for the local church, your heart to make Christ known and your beautiful ministry to the broken and vulnerable. I just wanted to thank you for the valuable work you are doing. I also wanted to enquire whether there are any opportunities to come and serve at SOS. I am longing to spend a season entirely dedicated to a ministry focussed on loving God and loving people.

    I am looking to give around 3 months of my time, will self fund and am willing to serve in anyway that would help further your ministry.

    Kindest regards,


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