We are so pleased to announce that after such a journey, the story of Save Our Sisters is available in PRINT titled Save Our Sisters, available on Amazon!

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“When we learned that there were girls our age who were being exploited and abused everyday, we could not sit silently any longer, we knew we had to do something.”
-Save Our Sisters
Save Our Sisters is the story of God’s gracious faithfulness to a bunch of high school girls who saw the depths of evil culminated in the face of modern day slavery and decided to take action. Through one step of obedience after another, the Lord has taken the efforts of a youth group cookout across the ocean, as Save Our Sisters had partnered with Moldova Mission to open two new safe houses for at-risk children and rescued victims of human trafficking in the Southern part of Moldova. Inside the pages of this book you will find the story of Save Our Sisters, God’s heart for justice revealed through Scripture, and a sure call to obedience and action for every believer—whether you are interested in the fight against human trafficking or hunger and poverty—we are all called to walk in justice. 
“These ladies, along with many in their generation, stand in solidarity with young ladies in other lands about their age living under the bondage of slavery. I urge you to read this book, order copies for as many people as you can, and help spread the good news of Jesus in the face of real evil.”
– Dr. Alvin Reid, Professor of Evangelism and Student Ministry 
 Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary  

“This book is an amazing story of God using a handful of teenagers to form an organization that seeks not only to raise awareness of the problem of human trafficking, but also to create a place of rescue and restoration in the country of Moldova. Everyone can do something, the question remains: what will you do?”

-Kimberly Merida, Justice Advocate for International Justice Mission

If you have questions about large group or bulk purchases, please contact us by emailing info@saveoursisterstoday.com